The market opens Wednesday mornings and closes Mondays around 12:30pm*. Deliveries will be made on Wednesdays. Orders made on Wednesdays will be processed at market close the following Monday.

We look forward to growing great tasting, nutrient dense, fresh food for you this year.

Who We Are

Welcome to the Clean Food Network! We are a partnership of local farmers in Northern Alabama committed to growing wholesome foods through sustainable agriculture practices. All fruits, vegetables and meats produced by the Network are free of hormones and synthetic chemicals.

In four short years we have expanded to 15 small acreage farms with additional farms seeking membership. We are real local farmers working together in order to:

  • support and save family farms; and
  • offer local, fresh food straight from the fields.

What We Offer You
We grow in-season fruits and vegetables that thrive in our region. Our product mix includes heirloom and indigenous varieties of fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef, organic eggs, free range pork and added value products including hot pepper jellies, fair trade coffees and breads. From us, you can expect food:

  • that is fresh today – likely picked the day of delivery from our nearby farms;
  • at the peak of taste and nutritional value;
  • that is pesticide and hormone free; and
  • is produced according to practices that exceed organic certification.

How Do I Order
Ordering is quick, easy & convenient. You can place your custom on-line orders by creating or logging onto your account and then visiting The Market page Friday evening through Monday at noon. Deliveries are made to convenient drop sites throughout Huntsville and Madison on Wednesdays by 6 pm. All the information that you will need about ordering through the market can be found on the Q&A page. If you have any questions, please email or call Dove Stackhouse at 256-572 7218.

Our Practices
Our Production Manager, Dove Stackhouse, is one of Alabama’s premier sustainable farmers and not only cultivates her own fields but also mentors other farmers in our region. She performs on-going, on-site inspections of all the family farms in the Network to ensure our practices meet the Clean Food Stewardship standards for quality and ecological integrity. We adhere to the best practices in sustainable agriculture and go beyond conventional organic standards because of our commitment to:

  • healthy soils on our land;
  • healthy, nutrient rich food;
  • and healthy people in our community.
Healthy Soils: Our growers only use compost and cover crops for fertilizer. Rather than use synthetic chemicals, we grow strategic plant borders to deter insects. Few, if any off-farm inputs are used on our fields. If they are, they have been approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute. Our standards mean we are focused on building healthy soil on our land that is teaming with life and rich in nutrients. From healthy soil, we grow healthy, nutrient rich food.

Healthy Community: We care not only about a healthy ecology but also a healthy local economy. We hire local help, spend our dollars with local merchants and support local charities such as CASA and the Food Bank of North Alabama.

How Working with Us Is Different
We grow in-season foods that thrive in our local area so our offerings change with the seasons. This gives you the freshest food delivered at the peak of its nutritional value. When you choose the Clean Food Network, you are sustaining our natural resources, preserving a way of life and energizing your local community’s economy.