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This page contains news, event information, and other items added by the market managers. We are selling pasture raised beef,chickens,lamb,pork eggs and vegetables.

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In Between Time

This post expired on September 07, 2014.

Special Bulletin Due to lot’s of rain and not being able to get to our crops, Clean Food Network will not have a booth at any of the farmer’s markets this week***

Following Blog: In Between Time

It’s that time again, the “in-between time,” when the wonderful summer veggies we had all summer are about done and the fall veggies have been planted. We are patiently waiting for them to appear! If our web store looks a little empty, just hold on because we will be abundant in the next few weeks and throughout the winter. Yes, I said “throughout the winter” because we now have greenhouses and we have planted a variety of vegetables that we know you love.

We will be moving into winter squashes, muscadines, pumpkins, gourds, late melons and green beans. Farmers have been seeding transplants and planting fall crops like collards, broccoli and brussell sprouts to be ready in early winter. We are field planting, turnips, green onions, and garlic for next year. Also, spinach will be planted as the weather cools, as well as lettuces, radishes, beets, and carrots. This winter we will be featuring Mache’(corn salad) and broccoli raab.

Please note that meat will soon be available again! We do have a few items online, but we will be adding more in the near future to get our stock back up to where it was previously. You may also be interested in some of our goat cheese that is now in stock online.

As most of you now know Clean Food Network is in a state of transition, not only with the change in season, but also within our organization. We have been engaged in two new farmer’s markets this summer at Green Street and Huntsville Hospital which we feel went very well.

We are developing a new farmers market in Hampton Cove at Reflections Framing & Art (aka Alchemy Plants), who we are partnering with in the upcoming weeks. We hope to continue through the winter at our Farmer’s Markets, and of course we will have our online farmer’s market.

A new staff has been hired, introducing Casey Ross and Angela Hart (Managers-in-Training), and Sylvia Toffel (delivery person). We have had several meetings with our new staff to set in place new avenues of operation that we hope will better serve you in the future.

There have been three new delivery points added, Ruth’s Nutrition on So. Parkway, The Coffee Tree on Bailey Cove Road, and Alchemy Plants (Reflections) in Hampton Cove. When you get ready to place your order check out our new delivery points and choose the one closest to you.

We will keep you posted in the coming weeks of what crops are coming up and what we have available. Much more to come this fall! Thank you for your support of the Clean Food Network.
Angela Hart