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This page contains news, event information, and other items added by the market managers. We are selling pasture raised beef,chickens,lamb,pork eggs and vegetables.

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This post expired on April 07, 2014.

Glory Gardens is a new farm offering vegetables and pastured raised chickens to the network. If any of you remember Morgan from the Madison City Farmers Market and Josh Wright they have married and joined forces. Morgan has produced some great vegetables and Josh has raised some great chickens. We are excited to have them. It is hard for us to lay our hands on a chicken because the farms sell them so fast.
Make your Chicken Reservation Now! *While they last.
They will be available for delivery in *Mid May,
$3.50/Lb. and between 4lbs to maybe 8 lbs.
We have changed the product listing to make sure you are just reserving how many chickens you want. Your account will be charged at the time of delivery. If you want a larger sized bird please make a note in the comments section of your order page. Some say the larger birds are tough but that has not been my experience if the chickens have readily available food without have to venture far.
You will be notified when we will be delivering and to bring the appropriate sized coolers for the number of chickens you have ordered. Please make sure the phone number in your account information is accurate so we can be sure to reach you.
For those who ordered chickens this week and were charged the $3.50 lb. price with your order we will deduct this from your bill at the time of delivery.
While we have been talking about chickens lets talk about eggs. All our eggs are fertilized, meaning there is a rooster present doing his duty.
Once you have had good eggs, it is hard to do the sore bought ones. Talk about the best pound cake you have ever made. YMMM!
There is confusion when you do go to the store for example “vegetarian” which means fed grain which is what the commercial house do already. Chickens are not vegetarians. They eat insects and do graze. Like us chickens need a variety of foods in order to get the nutrients they require for a healthy life. Calcium for strong egg shells, protein (bugs & some grain)for building muscle, grit to help them grid food up in their gizzards so they can absorb it.
Like any animal fresh air, sunshine, clean water and exercise make happy chickens and people.
“Free Range” is another one that can be misleading depending on who is doing the telling. The USDA has made it acceptable for commercial houses to but a run like a dog run attached to the chicken house so the chickens can go outside. Nice in theory, but chickens are birds of a feather and won’t go outside if all they have known is a building.
“No additional antibiotics” What does that mean? The current rate is good? If you have a good environment for chickens means the less stressed they are and the less acceptable to diseases they are.Just like any other living thing including plants.
“Natural” Yes I know there is a list of definitions for these terms but all organic things are natural aren’t they?
There has been much disinformation and fraudulent PR that has muddied the waters. The gov’t isn’t going to make sure our food is safe. The companies responsible for the food recalls are the ones that are regulated MM! Wisconsin has even recognized that there is an argument to be made, that small farms are the answer to food security and safety. Only knowing who is growing your food and how will be the only way to ensure access, safety,healthy food. After all we small farmers are diverse meaning we grow and raise many things in a healthy environment which means a reduced chance of crop failures and disease outbreaks, we love what we do and take pride in it, it is our name so putting out the best product is our aim. We are part of the community and are your neighbors. You do have the ability and responsibility to be invested in the most basic of our requirements for life. To ensure a healthy food system and choice in foods that are available. This impacts not just our health, but choice(democracy),economic impact, jobs created, cost of health care. You have the ability to change the outcomes of so many things other than just whats for dinner. Thanks for listening and hope this clears up the waters a bit, or at least is food for thought. Dove